Altar Servers



St. Pius X Altar Servers Ministry


The mission of St. Pius X Altar Servers Ministry is to assist the celebrant in ensuring the good order and smooth running of any Liturgical Celebration in the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Brief Description:

From the opening of the Church in 1953. Rev. Fr. A Fortier saw to it that boys were at hand whenever necessary, to enhance the Church services. The society was previously called St. Pius X Society in honour of St. Pope Pius X, who was alert to foster greater Eucharistic devotion among children and to inspire them with reverence and love to Lord JESUS present in the Sacred Host. Currently, the Altar Servers are called the St. Pius X Altar Servers Ministry, which has over 50 members ranging from Primary 3 to working adults.

The Altar Servers Ministry's motto is "To Serve is Our Pride". We are proud to be an Altar Server in Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea. We take pride in serving at the Lord’s Altar.  This is the privilege given to us as Altar Servers and we must always remember to give our best in the things we do in the Ministry.


At the Church of the Star of the Sea, boys from Primary 3 are welcomed to join the Altar Servers Ministry. They have meetings and training sessions twice per month on Saturday afternoon. During those meetings and trainings sessions, the Altar Servers are taught to be disciplined in their behaviour, respect and honour the Church and Ministry, be responsible and committed to fulfil the duties of an Altar Server and ultimately display a positive attitude towards learning and serving. The Ministry also organised soccer tournament, Investiture and Family Night, Annual Camp and other cohesion activities for the members. 


Bi-Monthly, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month @ 3.30pm