Hospitality Ministry



Hospitality Ministers


To provide shelter and warmth for the parishioners and to help to form the worshipping community.

Brief Description:

Active and faithful church members who serve their parishioners in the liturgical ministries to draw parishioners together, open them to participation and set the tone for the liturgy.

Requirements to become a hospitality minister: We need to respect for others, discretion and comfortable of meeting and greeting others. We need to be friendly, caring and giving.

Our duty begins before the liturgy begins. HM needs to be in place at least twenty minutes prior to the start of worship as we need to make a quick check of the church cleanness. But, our primary duties are to greet people and assist them in finding a place to sit.

If you would like to meet, interact and making friends with other parishioners, you are welcome to approach any of our friendly HM for more information.


Hospitality Ministers greet, welcome and assist parishioners as they gather for worship. Our attitude, conduct and appearance will directly and indirectly affect the experience of the faithful at the mass either positively or negatively. 


Weekly, 20 minutes before the start of each Mass.


Paulus - 97422966, Francis Das - 96588356