Legion of Mary



Legion of Mary


The mission of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active cooperation under the guidance of Mother Mary.

Brief Description:

The Legion of Mary is a lay Catholic organisation founded in 1921 and has been endorsed by the pope then.  The Legion of Mary is an association of Catholics, who under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, form themselves into a Legion of Service for the Church.

We have a Senior (above 18 years) and a Junior Senior (below 18 years) Legion Group in our Church.  The Legion is spiritually enriching. It offers lay people the necessary structure and spiritual assistance to enable us to participate fruitfully in pastoral work.

Edel Quinn was a frail young Irish woman who was Legion envoy in East Africa. She died there in 1944, partly as a result of her tremendous labours in spreading the Gospel. Her indomitable spirit in the face of great difficulties has been a source of inspiration for Legionaries throughout the world. She offers to this generation a perfect example of the power of the Lay Apostolate.


Work of the legionaries is to visit people in their homes to foster a spirit of community, to share their joys and to console and assist them in their sorrows. Visit hospitals and other institutions to bring friendship and spiritual support to the patients.  We also assist to in the church bookshop and also disseminate books at the book barrow and do contact work. We are also at the service of the priest to assist in any other pastoral work. 


Weekly, every Tuesday at 8PM @ St Vincent De Paul Room in the basement.


Doris - 93855043, Stella - 92971990