Mustard Seed Bible Sharing



‘The Mustard Seed’ Bible Sharing Group


To learn,  understand and appreciate the Scripture so as to know how God had loved the people of the past and is still loving us and help us to be aware of God's presence and to  encounter God in our daily lives and bringing God to others. To deepen the sharers relationship with God and others. It is conducted in a relaxed, cozy environment and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. To support one another in our faith journey through the process of shared faith, prayer, and life experiences using DVD / CD based bible programmes like Great Bible Adventure (GBA), Little Rock Scripture Study (LRSS), etc.

Brief Description:

The idea of forming a bible sharing group was formed a few years ago while the core group members were helping out in RCIA (English) and some newly Baptised Catholics expressed desire to know the Bible better. With Fr JJ’s blessings and permission to use the church facilities for this purpose, this bible sharing group was formed.

Since then, we have completed : 

  • Acts of the Apostles (LRSS program)
  • Gospel of Mark (LRSS program)
  • Letters from the Prison (LRSS program)


Parishioners and non-parishioners  are invited to join us before the start of each new bible program. No prior bible knowledge is required. Each has to pay for the materials (study set) for the Bible sharing session.

We meet once or twice per month for our Bible sharing session.

Goal  for next Year:

We will be starting on a new book (yet to be finalised) using the Great Bible Adventure format.  

Do join us during this Year of Faith to deepen your knowledge of the Word of God.

Details will be published in our church’s bulletin once they are confirmed. 


Our Bible Sharing session normally begins with:
  • Thanksgiving, Petition and Intercessions for our family and others 
  • Followed by Small group discussion on the Questions.
 Note: each member has to read assigned chapter and answer some study questions beforehand.
  • After which, we will watch a DVD / CD where the lecturer will review and explain the assigned chapter of the Bible and how it applies to everyday life.
  • Next, we conclude our session with a closing prayer.
We also have occasional fellowship sessions with our members. 


Monthly, every 3rd Sunday of the month @ 1.30pm.


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