The Neighbourhood Christian Community banner at the frontage of the Church 

represents the Body of Christ radiating to the neighbourhood Christ's love, care 

and concern for one another through the Eucharist and the Word of God. He says

"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened,and I will give your rest" 


Matthew 11:28

The Graphics in the Banner Represent Houses of Community that are Witnesses of: 

KERYGMA (A Learning Community)

A learning community deepening our understanding of the faith and making God’s Holy Word come alive in our very homes with the sharing of our faith journey and life's experiences. We are signs to our family and neighbours witnessing to the sharing God of God's Word.

KOINONIA (A Community of Fellowship)

A community that fellowship reaching out to one another in brotherly or sisterly love.  Make efforts to know each other by name. Enjoy the presence and company of brothers and sisters in the neighbourhood and together build a vibrant and caring parish community.

DIAKONIA (A Community of Service)

A community serving one another. Making use of our God-given gifts; time, talents and treasure(3T's) to serve the parish in various ministries. Caring for the sick, elderly, catering to the needs of the less fortunate and special needs people in our midst.

EUCHARISTIA (A Eucharistic Community)

A community centering our life in the Eucharist; we are healed, nourished and strengthened by the Bread of Life to reflect the love of Christ in the parish and in our neighbourhood communities. We are send forth on mission.


1.  What is an NCC?

 -  It is a gathering of fellow Catholics in the neighborhood to support each other in aspects of social and spirituality to strengthen family life as a domestic church and the wider church being the Parish. To love and care for each other following greatest commandment of Loving God and Neighbor. (Mark 12:28-34 / Matthew 22:37-40)


2.  Why is NCC important?

-       It is a recognized pastoral priority that our Archbishop Nicholas Chia has identified together with the other Asian Bishops in the Federation of Asian Bishop’s Conferences (FABC).

-       Blessed Pope JP II said “the future of humanity passes by the way of the family” and indeed the family fabric is being threatened as we know.

-       The NCC creates an environment to guard our faith for all in the family especially for our growing children.

-       It is community that can provide support and strength to our life as a Christian person against the tide where family life and values are eroding due to the influences of the world.

-       It provides an environment for Christian living and relationships to grow and Christian parenting supported.

-       The NCC can provide and encourage more participation to make the Gospel come alive in the family/neighborhood and an opportunity to care and serve each other like; visiting your neighbors who maybe sick, lonely and welcoming new parishioners. In other words, we can help to pastor one another in our small little ways and truly live out our call as a Christian person to love God and our neighbors.

-       The NCC forms the domestic little church in the neighborhood and can create an environment of closer bonds to those purposes in a deeper way when relationship can be built upon and sustained.  


3.  Who makes up the NCC?

-     Everybody who is a Parishioner of OLSS. All groups, ministries and apostolates are ONE as a body of Christ and as one people of God they render the functional support to the spiritual life for fellow parishioners in serving at the altar, singing, reading, teaching and welcoming visitors. Thus all of us in the Parish are members of the NCC by virtue of our Baptism. As one body in Christ, we work to foster a more vibrant Parish community. (I Cor 12:12-26)


4.  What happens after we join an NCC?

-       Come and experience and know your fellow Catholics and then you will know

-       It is a misconception that NCC is about Bible Sharing only. This is only an element for spiritual nourishment when we talk about actual day to day faith experiences so that we can learned, strengthen and uplift each other in the challenges in life both family and faith.

-       Certainly you have a “vehicle” that you can use to ride together to heaven and it is easier than riding it alone in this challenging world we live in today.

-       Come as God invites us to be united in one mind and body in His plan of salvation. (Eph 1:3-10/Eph 4:1-6)