NCC Rosary at SNT


Our parishioners have been both very active and supportive in the observance of the Month Of The Rosary.

The month of October is dedicated to The Holy Rosary and regular rosary sessions have been held in various house-holds of parishioners within our community.



We welcome and thank Fr Greg for his guidance and encouragement as we build a greater bond to witness to our neighbourhood community.


Below are the photos of our NCC Eucharistic Celebration. We pray that the Lord continue to bless us and to bring us greater unity for His Kingdom building.


Let’s continue to come together and build a strong community strengthening family life and support for one another.

"The Joy of the Gospel" in our neighbourhood.


Sembawang New Town  (SNT) NCC encouraging all to live and walk "The Joy of the Gospel" in our neighbourhood.

During our last three NCC meetings we reflected and shared on:

Chapter 1: We are called  to Evangelize
Chapter 2: Amid the crisis of communal commitment - we are called
to see
Chapter 3: We are called to walk with others in the word of God

By virtue of our baptism we are called to witness being His missionary disciples.

SNT Zone Activities


Zone SNT has come together for various activities over the last few months.

Canteen Support by SNT 08 Jun 14


In the spirit of Pentecost, Sembawang New Town families were filled with the Holy Spirit and tongue of fires when serving brothers and sisters in church canteen on 8 June 2014. Happy Pentecost to all.